Friday, June 10, 2011

Mexico to launch anti-crime offensive Monday

Mexico will deploy 310,000 policemen in a weeklong push to combat crime next week, El Universal reported.
Beginning on Monday and concluding on Sunday, June 19, this National Security Operation will focus on a range of crimes, from kidnapping to belonging to a criminal group to car theft to driving with tinted windows or no license plates. Marcelo Ebrard, the head of a national governors' association, said that the wide array of crimes targeted constitute 65 to 70 percent of the crimes that have citizens worried.
The operation was decided upon in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, at the end of May, El Porvenir reported.
Nowhere in the list of crimes are drugs mentioned ... but it seems that the government is using an approach similar to that of New York City under the Rudolph Giuliani administration, when former police commissioner William Bratton used the cops to target smaller crimes as a way to stop larger crimes.
Measures that the government will take next week include using small cameras on public transit vehicles such as subway trains. You can see the cameras in a video on the El Universal website. On Monday, June 20, the government will assess what it has accomplished.

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