Thursday, June 9, 2011

Big drug bust in Coahuila

The press is reporting the seizure of uniforms, weapons and (in an apparently separate raid) drugs in the states of Coahuila and Nuevo Leon, with El Universal calling the weapons and uniforms "presumed property" of the drug cartel Los Zetas. Periodico Zocalo has a smaller story that does not mention Los Zetas.
In photos from El Universal and Periodico Zocalo, you can get an idea of the enormous stash -- about 200 weapons and 500 uniforms -- uncovered by the Navy in Villa Union, Coahuila. Five people were arrested in the raid, and they, along with the arms and uniforms, were presented to the media on Thursday. A Navy spokesman, Rear Adm. Jose Luis Vergara, told El Universal that the weapons would presumably have been used by criminal personnel of Los Zetas.
Meanwhile, last month, authorities found separate stashes of cocaine on the Colombia-Monterrey highway in Nuevo Leon. The stashes, totaling about 200 kilos of cocaine, were also presented to the media on Thursday.

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